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In 1751, Plumsteadville Inn was a welcoming destination for travelers from near and far. After the fire of 1965, operations centered on the tavern and the hotel accommodations were lost for a time.

With the historic charm restored, the owners concluded the restoration of the Plum as a central hub for the entire community in January of 2012. The Inn now has spacious banquet facilities and guest accommodations, including 5 modern suites and 8 period rooms in the original 1751 structure. These new areas bring private entertainment spaces that welcome local businesses and exude the warmth and charm for family gatherings and special occasion celebrations, along with overnight rooms that feel like a comfortable home away from home for travelers and out-of-town guests.

Our History

After the American Revolution, the property came into the possession of John Redrock, a justice of the peace and figure of prominence in the Fries Rebellion. His board of tax collectors attempted to enforce the unpopular house and land tax enacted by Congress in 1798. The Redrock Tavern, as it was known at that time, became the regular meeting place for his board until tempers boiled over when protesters stormed and stoned the Inn in 1799. More popular was the village of Plumstead’s post office (the “ville” was later added in 1946), the first in Bucks County, which Redrock as postmaster operated in the Tavern.

In 1904, the Philadelphia and Easton Railway Company line was completed, making stops from Easton to Doylestown. As it had been for the stagecoach travelers, The Plumsteadville Inn, as it finally became known, was one of the major destinations along the line as residents of the township served as major suppliers of fresh vegetables and meat.

The interior of the Inn was badly damaged by fire in 1965, briefly halting operations. Restored in 1968, additions were made around the original Hart dining room in 1975 by the Carson family.

Recognizing that Plumsteadville Inn is a landmark that is best remembered as a gathering place that became a fixture in the lives of so many in the community, the Evangelista family purchased the Inn in 2010 and have lovingly restored the historic details.

The “Plum” of today takes the best of the old and marries it with new ideas for making memories. From the beautiful fireplaces and hardwood floors to the restored original grand piano, to today’s most entertaining technological advances (yes, we have free wifi and HDTV), a foundation for the future rests comfortably on some of the most treasured parts of the past.

As you make your own memories at the “Plum”, we promise to provide you with delicious, family-inspired menus, great service, and a comfortable setting that welcomes young, old and everyone inbetween. Whether you think of us as a spirited watering hole, a special occasion restaurant, or a convenient and friendly place to stop with the family, we say, “Welcome back."

We hope you’ll agree that in some ways, the warmth of the original tavern never really left.

-- Angelo Evangelista, Restaurateur

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